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Who we are

The Rubicon Arts Collective was set up in 2017 by Stanley Greening.

With artists increasingly turning to digital media with an option to ‘undo’ anything that doesn’t work out at the touch of a button, the Rubicon Art Collective features 5 artists who continue to use processes where a momentary lapse of judgment can, quite literally, send you back to the drawing board.

Crossing that Rubicon moment of commitment is one of several factors that unify this group of otherwise disparate artists; all studied at British art colleges. These artists also often favour exploring a world of muted colour or complete monochrome.

The group are also unified in their tendency to work with conventional media that includes bronze sculpture, printmaking, film photography and drawing with charcoal, pencil and oil pastels but the key unifying factor is not the conventionality but the determination of each of these artists to push the boundaries of their chosen media and their natural tendency to experiment and persist in order to master the skills and the unique processes behind their work.

Landscape, allegory, darkly comic doodles and abstraction all feature in works that are immersive, contemplative, thought-provoking and beautiful.



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We will announce the next project in the New Year

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